Arif Azhan - Student at TYMBA

Arif Azhan

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Arif Azhan Rashdan passes all 4 ACCA Strategic Professional modules in just 9 months with TYMBA Education's expert guidance and support, becoming one of the fastest to complete all ACCA exams.

Pass all 4 ACCA Strategic Professional modules at the first attempt in 9 months!

Arif Azhan Rashdan, originally from Kuala Lumpur is an alumnus of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). He graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Accounting back in August 2021. During his period of degree studies, he performed tremendously and was also active in co curricular activities.

During his studies with TYMBA Education, he had shown tremendous results during his internal tests and final examinations. Mr Airil Razali, our Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) tutor has recognized the outstanding potential of Arif Azhan during his time in the class.

Arif Azhan enrolled in Strategic Business Reporting (SBR), Strategic Business Leader (SBL) and Advanced Taxation (ATX) Masterclass with Tymba. He also enrolled for Advance Audit & Assurance (AAA) Sprintclass to complete all of his 4 ACCA Strategic Professional exams.

With the synergies between Arif Azhan and all TYMBA Tutors, he managed to pass all his 4 ACCA Strategic Professional exams in 9 months’ time. He managed to secure his success to be one of the fastest to complete all of the ACCA exams.

Although he only enrolled in the TYMBA Sprintclass for AAA, he still managed to pass the paper with flying colours. Arif Azhan said that the knowledge and guidance from Mr Airil Razali during his SBR class was sufficient for him to pass the AAA paper with flying colours even by taking only TYMBA Sprintclass.

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