Nur Alia Sofea

Before joining TYMBA, I did not understand a lot of things and how the process works, especially in Audit procedures. I couldn’t write it on my own especially during the first final exam and actually left it empty but after joining TYMBA, I realized my thought process has improved and I was able to write…

Aizat Suhaimi

For me personally, I think my PM tutor is very intelligent and really knows what to teach. The tutor pinpoints the topics which are very critical to be understood for examination purposes.

Muhd Amshar

TYMBA tutors were very helpful to me. For example, my SBL tutor always says that he is always available should we ever need any extra classes with him and I make an effort to ask for one extra class every single week.

Hazim Nazril

TYMBA really focuses on the exam techniques so when I enter the exam hall, my mind is ready, my thought process are clear on some of the questions that we can anticipate in the exam hall.

Mayang Sarilawanti

After joining TYMBA classes, online learning is no longer a problem for me as TYMBA lecturers are so interactive with all the students and keep their lectures simplified and easy for us to understand. I’ve managed to pass SBR & AAA in just 3 months time and passed the APM paper first attempt with TYMBA…

Esther Chin Ching Yun

Usually after the classes I will do my own revision and if I face any problems during my revision, I will contact my lecturer and the lecturers will respond to me as soon as they can. Sometimes, immediately during midnight!

Arif Azhan Rashdan

Their notes are very simplified which helps me to learn much better and quicker and the lecturers also always give real-life examples so it makes the study much easier for us to understand which  I have managed to pass all my ACCA papers on my first attempts with really good solid marks.

Lim Han Wei

If there is a very complex topic to be taught in class, the tutors will actually break it down to the simplest form possible for us to understand and include real-life situations and scenarios for us to understand and relate to the topic.